Don’t pay for fake impressions  on Facebook

There are over 350 million fake profiles on Facebook & Instagram. Make sure your ads are displayed to genuine customers only.

Block Fake Accounts

Banish fraud from your social channels.

Enjoy increased conversions and ROI be eliminating the effects of social media ad fraud from your Meta campaigns. 

24/7 Monitoring

Protect all your Facebook Ad placements

Take back control with our intelligent ad fraud prevention solution, ensuring optimal efficiency of your marketing budgets.

24/7 Blocking

Auto-exclude fake users

Excluding fake accounts allows you to target more genuine users, and get more conversions

Increase ROAS

Reinvest budget for better return on social spend

Every penny saved from the pockets of fraudsters can be reinvested towards targeting genuine users, you can expect an increased ROI just days after rolling out the Tapper’s platform.

Save Ad Budget

Make decisions based on totally genuine engagement

High engagement with few conversions is one of the most common signs of fraudulent activity. Bots spam your ads to get their payout, but won’t travel further down the funnel. With Tapper, there are no bots, farms or shady competitors wreaking havoc on your metrics. Just real engagement from your future customers.

Block fake accounts, save your ad budget for genuine visitors

Default Google adDefault facebook ads capabilitiess capabilities
Real-time blocking
Real-Time blocking refers to how quickly a fraudulent IP is detected and added to the exclusion list
Under 3 Seconds
Exclude VPN traffic
Block any IP that is using a VPN or proxy
Click fraud threshold
Set how many times an individual IP can click on your paid ads before being automatically blocked.
Industry-based data
Set up your detection settings with industry suggestions, making sure your business is in line with the protection it needs
Visitors Analytics
 Total transparency about each click. Know exactly where the click came from. How they clicked and when it occurred
Behavior Analysis
See visitor mouse movements - we use this data in order to detect and block fraud.
All Sessions recorded

Enterprise grade security

SOC 2 Type II & GDPR,–the leading standards, reports, and requirements are all covered so your data is protected.

GDPR Compliant

Want the most from your social channels?

Try Tapper for free and see the benefits of social channel fraud protection in days.

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