Drive more profitable growth across Performance Max

Ads are for humans, not bots. Save up to 25% of your advertising budget by eliminating invalid traffic and fake leads across Performance Max campaigns.

Maximise ROAS

Put an End to Overspend

Without protecting your campaigns, wasted spend always grows in line with your ad budget. By automatically eliminating fake clicks across all ad platforms, Tapper concentrates your reach on real customers. Meaning you get more conversions for the same ad spend.

Audience Signals

Generate Dynamic Exclusion Audiences

Refine your Audience Signals by adding dynamic exclusion audiences made up of fake users and invalid traffic to block them from your Performance Max campaigns. Gain insights into what those fake users actually look like, their demographics, and event interests.

Beyond the Black Box

See What’s Really in Your Traffic

Get access to first-party click data from your PMax campaigns to set your business up for success in a privacy-centric future. Each click is stored with its analysis, giving you insight into IP addresses, device types, regions, most-clicked keywords, and top-performing campaigns.

Stop Fake Leads

Stop Fake Leads Form Submissions

PMax campaigns can lead to a significant increase in low-quality leads, primarily driven through Display and Discovery ads. Tapper eliminates fake form fills, allowing your sales force to focus their time and energy following up with real customers.

Eliminate Waste

Enhance Your Audience Signals

Generate exclusion audiences to guide the PMax algorithm in the right direction.Stop paying for worthless traffic with zero conversion potential. Concentrate 100% of your ad spend on real customers with genuine purchase intent.

Improve your traffic quality and save on your advertising spend in just a few minutes.

Reporting Suite

Illuminate the “black box” of PMax, making it easy to optimise your campaigns

Audience Targeting Solution

Make Performance Max’s AI algorithm work for you by diverting away from sources of invalid traffic.

Data Collection Filter 

Never collect, store, or track data from invalid traffic sources

Beyond the Black Box

Unlike others, we're transparent. Every ad engagement is visible, and if it's invalid, you'll know precisely why.

Customisable Prevention

Tailor prevention measures to meet your unique needs and desired results.


Enterprise grade security

SOC 2 Type II & GDPR,–the leading standards, reports, and requirements are all covered so your data is protected.

GDPR Compliant

Convert wasted ad spend into revenue growth

It’s time to stop paying for clicks that will never convert. Make your marketing budget go further by eliminating waste from your campaigns.

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