Let campaigns thrive with revenue-driving ad fraud protection

Say Goodbye to Wasted Ad Spend

Up to 20% of your marketing budget is wasted on bots and invalid traffic. Tapper helps you block harmful traffic from wasting your budget and skewing your data, once and for all.

Google Search
Google Performance Max
Social Media
Ad Fraud Protection

Stop fake traffic on all ad platforms

Tapper automatically blocks invalid traffic from clicking on your Google ads and seeing your Facebook Ads in real-time, making sure no damage is done to your ad budget.

Maximise Marketing Efficiency

Convert wasted ad spend into revenue growth

It’s time to stop paying for clicks that will never convert. Make your marketing budget go further by eliminating waste from your campaigns.

Sort Good From Bad

Block only the bad traffic

Tapper detects every single click on your paid ads with zero latency and uses machine learning to categorise each one as invalid, suspicious, or legitimate.

Full Data Transparency

See what you’re paying for

Tapper reveals all click data as first-party data, allowing you to generate accurate campaign insights and predictable results.

Improve your traffic quality and save on your advertising spend in just a few minutes.

Capture Advertising Data

Capture ad traffic data to generate powerful exclusion audiences across all platforms.

Analyse & Filter Bad Data

Tapper automatically detects and categorises every single click on your paid ads with minimal latency.

Multi-Platform Protection

Fake traffic is instantly blocked on the channel it’s detected on and the threat data is used to populate exclusion audiences across all other ad networks.

Campaign Optimisation

By filtering out zero-value traffic, higher-quality conversion data is fed back to each acquisition channel to further optimise your campaign targeting.

Traffic Insights

Each click is stored as first-party data together with its analysis, giving you visibility over IP addresses, device types, regions, and traffic health for individual keywords and campaigns.

Learn & Evolve

Analyse post-click traffic behaviour and conversion data to continually improve audience targeting.


Seamless integration with your CRM and customer engagement tools. Streamline processes and enable tailored automation for data-driven decisions

Don't settle for ordinary protection

Block harmful traffic from wasting your budget and skewing your data, once and for all.

In addition to the default protection
Default protection
Default protection
Real-time blocking
Real-Time blocking refers to how quickly a fraudulent IP is detected and added to the exclusion list
Only after 24 hours
Click threshold limitations
Set how many times an individual IP can click on your paid ads before being automatically blocked.
Visitors Analytics
Total transparency about each click. Know exactly where the click came from. How they clicked and when it occurred.
30+ data points per click
Exclude VPN traffic
Block any IP that is using a VPN or proxy
Industry-based data
Set up your detection settings with industry suggestions, making sure your business is in line with the protection it needs
Auto populate IPs on exclusion list
 Keep the most relevant and dangerous IPs at the top of the excluded list while cycling through the least threatening ones.
Auto exclude ips and users on Google and Facebook ads
Fraudulent behavior session recordings
See visitor mouse movements - we use this data in order to detect and block fraud.
All sessions recorded

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need click fraud protection?

Ad and website protection have become essential. An average of 22.3% of web traffic is invalid, made by bots or other fraudulent users, costing advertisers billions annually. Implementing Tapper allows you to stop wasting your ad spend on fake traffic, click fraud and ad fraud.

How easy is it to set up? 

Super easy. Our AI models do all the work for you with a seamless integration to your Google and Facebook Ad accounts. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up
  2. Paste codes 
  3. Your ads are protected
What are the signs that I am affected by invalid taffic ?

Signs of invalid and bot traffic include:

 • High bounce rates (for example in your CMP statistics or analytics tool)
 • Low-quality leads
 • Anything too high or too low (100% bounce rate, 0 seconds on site)
 • Anything too random or too consistent (even traffic distribution every day, same outliers).
 • Anything that doesn’t make common sense (a high volume of visitors at night)
 • High traffic from a specific referral site coupled with an unusually high bounce rate
 • Most traffic follows a specific navigation pattern (all exiting on the same web page)

Am I a victim of advertising fraud?

The answer is probably yes. We have seen everything from 1% – 100% fraudulent traffic. What we’ve never seen, however, is 0%.
Even if you’ve been a victim of ad fraud before, it’s never too late to do something about it.

Aren't Google and Facebook already doing something about it?

Yes, Google and Facebook do detect fraudulent traffic, but many advertisers feel that they just don’t do enough.

Which features are making the most significant impact?

Using Tapper’s AI-powered tech allows you to rely on state-of-the-art features, such as:

Audience Exclusion to prevent invalid traffic from polluting your audience segments, providing infinite scalability without being dependent on Google’s 500-blocked IP cap and manual IP blocking on Microsoft Ads.

Pixel Guard to prevent fraudulent conversions performed by bots and malicious users from reaching Google Ads’ optimization engine. It also supports campaign types that don’t support IP blocking or Audience Exclusion, such as Performance-max campaigns.

Will my website visitors notice tapper?

No, your website visitors won’t notice the use of tapper.

Is tapper GDPR-compliant?

Yes. You have the express right to protect yourself from fraudulent activities. Our detection algorithms were built with a strict privacy-first approach. There is no PII (personally identifiable information) needed to label fake traffic, but only standard JavaScript parameters.

How can I get started?

You can start immediately by creating a free account and be up and running within a few minutes.

Why marketers choose tapper

Don't just take it from us!

"The monthly savings we make far exceed the subscription cost. It's a no-brainer."

El-Khalil Osman

Head of Growth, Elevate

“Spending hours looking at clicks that don’t make sense is just not scalable. We needed tapper”

Hassanain (Has) Anver

Head of Growth, Stake

“What I love most about tapper is the traffic health score. When I combine this with cost savings from blocking invalid clicks, it’s easy to demonstrate value.”

Levan Kumsishvili

VP Marketing, Quick

“The results speak for themselves. Since working with tapper, we’ve been able to double our lead volume, all while decreasing cost per acquisition by 20%.”

Aaron Friedman

Co-Founder & Partner, Pana Partners

"What I like most about tapper is that you can create marketing campaigns efficiently with 1 click, helps with link management, tracking and performance."

Dana AlJawder


"Our cost per acquisition metrics have certainly improved"

Mohamed Ameen

Performance Marketing Manager, BusinessFactory


Enterprise grade security

SOC 2 Type II & GDPR,–the leading standards, reports, and requirements are all covered so your data is protected.

GDPR Compliant

Convert wasted ad spend into revenue growth

It’s time to stop paying for clicks that will never convert. Make your marketing budget go further by eliminating waste from your campaigns.

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