Key Considerations for Effective QR Code Marketing

December 9, 2023
5 min read

While QR codes offer significant advantages in both online and offline marketing, it's crucial to keep certain considerations in mind:

  • Avoid QR Codes in Email: QR codes in email campaigns can pose challenges, as mobile email users may not have a convenient means to scan them. Instead, employ branded links to enhance brand recognition and trust while avoiding spam folder issues.
  • Verify Connectivity: Ensure that QR codes placed in locations have reliable Wi-Fi or mobile reception, as failed scans can result in lost leads.
  • Know Your Audience: Consider your target demographic when implementing QR code marketing. While they are gaining traction, awareness and adoption levels may vary among different age groups and device users.
  • Mind Placement: QR code placement is vital. Assess locations carefully to ensure ease of scanning by your audience

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