How Tapper's Performance Max Audience Targeting Works with Value Rules

May 30, 2024
5 min read

Here's a breakdown of how Tapper helps you filter invalid traffic using value rules:

Performance Max vs. Direct Exclusions:

  • Unlike some campaign types (e.g., Search Network), Performance Max campaigns don't allow direct audience exclusions.

Value Rules - The Alternative:

  • Performance Max utilizes a feature called Value Rules.
  • Value rules allow you to adjust bids or campaign settings for specific audience segments based on their historical interaction with your business.

Tapper's Integration:

  • Tapper, assuming you've integrated it with Google Ads, provides a custom data segment named "Tapper Invalid Traffic List."
  • This segment identifies users flagged by Tapper as potentially fraudulent.

The Filtering Process:

  1. Within your Performance Max campaign settings, you create a new Value Rule.
  2. You choose the "Tapper Invalid Traffic List" segment as the audience for this rule.
  3. Value Adjustments: Unlike bid adjustments (not available for audience segments in Performance Max), you set a negative value adjustment.some text

This essentially decreases the relevancy of showing your ads to users in the Tapper segment. A -50% adjustment is the minimum allowed, significantly reducing the chances of these users seeing your ads compared to others.


  • This approach doesn't directly exclude the identified audience segment, but it significantly minimizes ad exposure to potentially fraudulent users flagged by Tapper.

Key Points:

  • Tapper helps you filter invalid traffic, not directly exclude it, within Performance Max campaigns.
  • Value Rules allow you to decrease the relevancy of showing ads to users identified as potentially fraudulent.
  • This approach helps optimize your ad spend by focusing on a more legitimate audience.

Additional Notes:

  • Consider creating separate ad groups within your campaign - one with the Tapper exclusion and another without. Running them concurrently allows you to A/B test the impact of the exclusion on your campaign performance.
  • Video ad campaigns within Google Ads do allow for direct audience exclusions using custom segments. You can exclude the "Tapper Invalid Traffic List" segment entirely from seeing your video ads.

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