How One Airline Confronted the Challenges of PPC Advertising with Tapper

April 22, 2024
5 min read

Within the dynamic world of digital marketing in the airline sector, a significant hurdle has risen to prominence - the rising costs linked with Google Search Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. With travelers increasingly dependent on search engines for travel planning, airlines are engaged in intense competition to capture potential passengers' interest. This airline, specifically, has tackled this challenge directly.

The Issue

This airline became aware of the increasing menace of invalid traffic and ad fraud in PPC advertising. Not only do ad fraud and invalid traffic deplete PPC budgets, but they also distort performance metrics, impeding sound decision-making and ultimately deteriorating crucial business KPIs like CAC.

Why This Airline Took Action

This airline wasn't taking chances. They knew ad fraud and fake clicks were a growing problem in PPC advertising.

Here's why it matters:

  • Wasted budget: Fraudulent clicks drain your PPC budget, leaving less for real customers.
  • Distorted data: Fake clicks mess up your campaign data, making it hard to make smart decisions.
  • Higher customer costs: Fraud can inflate your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), making it seem more expensive to acquire real customers.

The Outcome

During the audit, Tapper uncovered a significant finding: about 1% of the clicks on the airline's Google PPC ads were invalid, leading to nearly 9% of their ad budget being wasted. Of particular concern was consumers using the airline's brand name to access their website, resulting in significant financial losses. By limiting the frequency of user clicks within the airline's PPC campaign over a 24-hour period, Tapper effectively reduced the costs associated with this behavior.

Additionally, the audit revealed multiple instances of bot traffic interacting with and clicking on the airline's PPC ads, a challenge that Tapper addressed through automated prevention measures.


In the fiercely competitive airline industry, combating invalid traffic and ad fraud in PPC advertising is paramount. Through collaboration with Tapper, this airline effectively protected its budget and improved performance metrics, ultimately optimizing its crucial business KPIs.

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