Embrace These 11 Performance Channels in 2024

October 16, 2024
5 min read

As a digital or performance marketer, you're no stranger to the usual suspects—Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But as we dive into 2024, it's time to break free from the routine. A robust, data-driven strategy isn't just about sticking to what works; it's about exploring the uncharted.

In this blog post, we're unveiling the top 11 performance media channels that will catapult your growth in 2024 and beyond. Get ready to supercharge your digital marketing game!

1. TikTok: The Unstoppable Force

In 2024, not having TikTok in your digital marketing arsenal is like missing the bus. With a staggering 672 million downloads in 2022, TikTok continues to dominate. Capture the attention of its engaging audience with paid ads and ad auctions. Whether it's video views, new followers, or website visits, TikTok's got you covered.

2. TikTok Shop: Your E-Commerce Powerhouse

Launched in September 2023, TikTok Shop is a game-changer. Powered by TikTok's discovery engine, it offers in-app shopping touchpoints, live commerce, and an affiliate arm. It's a one-stop e-commerce solution that lets you grow your brand and drive sales directly from TikTok.

3. Reddit: Where Communities Connect

Dive into Reddit's unique communities, known as "Subreddits," to tap into a highly engaged market. Redditors, 50% more likely to trust ads on Reddit, are waiting to discover your brand. Explore ad products like Reddit Pixel, Promoted Carousel, and engagement retargeting to make Reddit a powerhouse in your marketing mix.

4. Snapchat: Don't Underestimate the Power

Snapchat's user base is still growing, making it a lucrative performance marketing channel. From targeted ads to AR shopping lenses, explore the different ways Snapchat can help you reach your audience and drive interactions.

5. Quora: Q&A for Marketing Wins

Quora, the Q&A social platform with 300 million monthly users, is a goldmine for engagement. Leverage its self-service ad platform for customized native ads. Target users by interest, geography, and browser, and participate in Quora's auction to set your bid value.

6. Twitch: Powering Engagement Through Gaming

With over 140 million unique monthly visitors, Twitch is a goldmine for reaching a young, impressionable audience. Use banner ads and in-video ads strategically to connect with users during streams. Remember, video ads on Twitch can be a boon for long-term awareness campaigns.

7. Native Advertising with Outbrain: Blend In, Stand Out

Outbrain's native advertising seamlessly integrates with website content, enhancing user experience. Create ads that feel like part of the regular content, from article suggestions to TikTok trends. Connect with one-third of the world's consumers engaging with internet content through Outbrain.

8. Pinterest: The Visual Discovery Platform

Tap into Pinterest's 400 million Pinners monthly, where people seek inspiration. Share visually appealing content that can snowball from user to user. With 83% of Pinterest users making purchases based on platform content, it's a prime channel for brand awareness and conversions.

9. Email Newsletters: Niche Bloggers' Goldmine

Sponsoring newsletters might not seem like traditional performance marketing, but it can be if negotiated smartly. Pay per email opened, user visit, or opt for an affiliate marketing model. Connect with engaged audiences in niche markets.

10. Podcasts: The Intimate Connection

Podcasts, with 62% of Americans listening, offer an intimate medium to reach audiences. Leverage host endorsements for product promotions and measure results using promo codes. A powerful way to connect with niche audiences and build trust.

11. Search Engine Marketing Beyond Google: Bing Ads and Ecosia

Explore beyond Google with Bing Ads, covering 30%–40% of online search volume. Reach 1.5 billion users across Bing's partner network, including AOL, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo. Additionally, tap into the eco-conscious audience with Ecosia, the green search engine planting a tree with every search.

FAQs: Demystifying Performance Marketing

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing is all about results. Unlike traditional models, you pay for marketing services only when they bring tangible outcomes. It's trackable, low-risk, and extends your reach to new audiences.

What Are Performance Media Channels?

These are marketing channels where you create ads driving actions like clicks, sign-ups, and purchases. Track and measure these actions to refine your strategies.

What Is Performance Media Buying?

Performance media buying identifies relevant media channels for your target audience at optimal times and costs. Metrics like CPC, cost per lead, and cost per acquisition guide spending on effective channels.

2024 is your year to break free from the ordinary. Embrace these performance marketing channels to unlock new opportunities, engage untapped audiences, and drive results like never before. Ready, set, perform!

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