7 Strategies Employed by Brands with Tapper campaigns

January 16, 2024
5 min read

Tapper campaigns, serves as a valuable tool for brands seeking to optimize content, establish comprehensive dashboards displaying metrics across channels, and bridge communication gaps between teams.

Through the incorporation of links across various channels, consolidated within a single campaign, brands gain unparalleled real-time visibility into the performance of each channel, all conveniently accessible in one location. Let's delve into seven distinct ways in which brands are currently leveraging Tapper campaigns.

In this guide, you will discover: 

  • How companies craft campaigns for regions, product lines, and multiple channels
  • The process of creating Tapper campaigns for tracking mobile performance
  • 7 unique use cases for Tapper campaigns

1.UTM Creation

UTM parameters, integral for tracking campaign results, can be both a necessity and a logistical challenge. With Tapper campaigns, marketers can streamline this process into a single, user-friendly interface. The Link Builder feature allows the creation of UTM tracking parameters for numerous channels simultaneously. 

By eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets or UTM builders, this feature simplifies the process, ensuring a more efficient and organized experience. Whether managing Google Ad Groups, tracking performance across regions, or executing influencer campaigns, Tapper campaigns facilitates the creation of trackable links at scale.

2.App Marketing

Integrating Tapper deep links with campaigns enables brands to track user activity across multiple devices, gaining insights into customer interactions with content.

For campaigns focused on driving organic app reengagement and installs, Tapper deep links provides a clear view of app accessibility.

By creating seamless app-to-app customer journeys, brands enhance the mobile experience, crucial for organic re-engagement and install campaigns. Media companies, in particular, find the combination of Tapper campaigns and deep links beneficial, offering analytics that span across every channel.

3.Cross-Channel Metrics

Tapper campaigns addresses the challenge of silos within organizations by providing a unified platform to track results from every channel in real-time. Retail companies, for instance, use Tapper campaigns to monitor media, email, and social channels collectively. 

This consolidated approach allows brands to visualize the performance of various channels on a single dashboard, offering insights into engagement, time of day effectiveness, and content resonance. The breakdown of traffic from different media outlets further enhances the understanding of channel-specific performance.


Collaborating with influencers, promoters, or partners often poses challenges in tracking their performance. Tapper campaigns solves this by assigning a unique link to each partner and building a campaign around it. 

This approach ensures comprehensive tracking of influencer efforts across social media, email, web, posters, brochures, and more. By providing influencers with distinct links, brands can measure the impact of influencer promotions and track downloads across various channels.

5.Product Resonance

Promoting multiple products across different ads and channels can complicate tracking and analysis. Tapper campaigns offers a solution by consolidating analytics into one central platform. 

Brands promoting diverse product lines can use Tapper campaigns to create a dashboard, monitoring the performance of each product on every channel. This approach proves valuable for retail brands, allowing them to group links based on region, channel, or product category, gaining insights into the popularity of products and ads.

6.Regional Tracking

For franchises or brands targeting multiple regions, Tapper campaigns provides a means to aggregate regional data in real-time. Whether evaluating event performance, team activities, or sales across different locations, brands can leverage Tapper campaigns for actionable intelligence. 

This proves especially useful for online streaming services tracking regional interest, engagement, and ticket sales for live events.

7.Live Events

Hosting live events presents real-time challenges, and coordinating metrics with digital initiatives can be intricate. Tapper campaigns simplifies this by streamlining metrics and offering a macro view of all activities during live events. 

Brands hosting events, whether software companies or niche eCommerce products, can optimize landing pages, track results, and gain insights into team and press pack performance. This facilitates the optimization of collateral and investment for future events.


Tapper campaigns, by breaking down silos and providing a unified platform for tracking metrics, enables brands to focus on building exceptional customer experiences. With a comprehensive view across all marketing channels, brands can iterate, innovate faster, and respond to customer demand in real-time. 

Embracing the power of the link, Tapper campaigns offers a transformative approach, allowing teams to spend less time on metric tracking and more time on creating memorable customer interactions. See for yourself and sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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